JianGhomesi vs CBC

jianLet me start with a declaration of fandom.  I am a fan of Jian and his show Q. His opening monologues on Q are a joy to listen to, and he is one of the few reasons the CBC can pull me away from JazzFM or an audiobook these days.

I was shocked and saddened when I heard of his termination and even more shocked to hear of the reasons why from Jian via Facebook.

There is quite a bit of detritus co-mingling in the gutter- midnight fears of wrongful termination in ones prime, knives in the darkness,  poisoned work environments,  the crazy bitch(es) defense and worse, splashing out all over social media and through my bruised and splattered brain-box along with my own cries of TooMuchInfo!

I cannot stand for or against Jian at this time. I do not know the man personally, have met him only once in a noisy VIP room at some event lost in the dimness of memory.  His handshake did not seem excessively cruel or domineering, he didn’t hit me or roughly cup my buttocks, but then again, I am not a 23 year old gushing female fan.

All irrelevant really,  the real issue is that Jian has been shame stripped of his show, his place on the airwaves, all allegedly for a bit of kink in the closet, his own closet, during his own personal time. Surely there is more to it than this and we will all have to endure the telling and retelling of it.

I just want Q back the way it was, before some went and woke up the gimp.



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